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Master J Kim

-   Yong-in University Demonstration team
-   Kukkiwon(World Taekwondo Headquarters) Demonstration Team
-   Certified children recreation
-   Certified children physical education
-   Certified 6th degree Black belt of Taekwondo
-   Certified 4th Degree of Yongmudo
-   Certified 1st Degree Black Belt of  Judo
-   Certified 1st Degree of Kumdo
-   Certified Taekwondo master degree  instructor of Kukkiwon (Taekwondo headquarter)
-   Certificate of Appreciation from the United States Military Academy

-   2003                   11th World Taekwondo Hanmadang 2nd place(All Breaking)
-   2004 – 2005     Member of Korea National Demonstration Team
-   2005 – 2008     Member of KOICA(Korea International Cooperlation Agency)
-   2005 – 2008     Head Coach at National Demonstration Team of Sri-Lanka
-   2008 – 2009     Member of Kukkiwon Demonstration Team
-   2010 - 2011         Head Instructor at Master Chang's Martial Arts , NC
-   2011 – 2013        Head Instructor at Tiger Kicks  Martial Arts, DE
-   2013 – 2019       Head Instructor at Master Chang's Martial Arts, NC
-   2019 -                 Head Instructor at Top Kick Martial Arts, TX

We have well exprienced Taekwondo instructor, a spacious facility, birthday parties, and bully-prevention workshops. Each week will focus on a different Life Skills such as confidence, respect, focus, and self-esteem! We focus on providing a FUN and SAFE environment for our students so they may reach their full potential! We have a pride in ourselves on creating a positive influence and being healthy role model for all of our students!

Playing Foosball
Gym Room
Box Workout
Swimming Pool
Outdoor Amusement
Girl climbing rope
Ping Pong Table
Swimming Lessons
Swimming Coach
Family Soccer
Safe Workout
Swimming Together
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