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     Master Kim

-   Yong-in University Demonstration team

-   Kukkiwon(World Taekwondo Headquarters) Demonstration Team

-   Certified children recreation

-   Certified children physical education

-   Certified 6th degree Black belt of Taekwondo

-   Certified 4th Degree of Yongmudo

-   Certified 1st Degree Black Belt of  Judo

-   Certified 1st Degree of Kumdo

-   Certified Taekwondo master degree  instructor of Kukkiwon

     (Taekwondo headquarter)

-   Certificate of Appreciation from the United States Military Academy

-   2003                    11th World Taekwondo Hanmadang 2nd place(All Breaking)

-   2004 – 2005    Member of Korea National Demonstration Team

-   2005 – 2008    Member of KOICA(Korea International Cooperlation Agency)

-   2005 – 2008    Head Coach at National Demonstration Team of Sri-Lanka

-   2008 – 2009    Member of Kukkiwon Demonstration Team

-   2010 - 2011         Head Instructor at Master Chang's Martial Arts , NC

-   2011 – 2013        Head Instructor at Tiger Kicks  Martial Arts, DE

-   2013 – 2019       Head Instructor at Master Chang's Martial Arts, NC

-   2019 -                   Head Instructor at Top Kick Martial Arts, TX

We have well exprienced Taekwondo instructor, a spacious facility, birthday parties, and bully-prevention workshops. Each week will focus on a different Life Skills such as confidence, respect, focus, and self-esteem! We focus on providing a FUN and SAFE environment for our students so they may reach their full potential! We have a pride in ourselves on creating a positive influence and being healthy role model for all of our students!
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